Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme

The Second Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme (DLAB) organised by the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) and sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (CreateHK) aims to help character designers and owners of young IPs to explore businesses opportunities by providing them with training, workshop and sales pitcing, etc. A Hong Kong Pavilion will also be set up in the Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2020 on 6 to 8 January 2020 to promote the original designs and licensable creative content IPs of the participating companies of the 2nd DLAB. Hong Kong designers with original or licensable characters, owners of licensable design content IPs and small and medium-sized design companies are invited to apply to the 2nd DLAB. Application deadline is 8 August 2019 (Thursday).

The acronym “DLAB” comes from the four main elements of the Support Scheme, viz “Design”, “Licensing”, “and” as well as “Business”. Through the DLAB, participating designers should be able to learn more about the business opportunities arising from design licensing, which will facilitate their business growth. It is our belief that more sparkles of creativity can be generated by designers in their design paths by participating in the DLAB that will help them unleash their endless creativity and potentials.

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